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Below are amongst the most informative sailing books you can buy!

Peter has written a number of local books: Solent Hazards, Wight Hazards and Inshore Along the Dorset Coast as well as creating the tidal stream manuals Solent and Island Tidal Streams and Tidal Streams between Portland Bill and St Alban’s Head, of which 62,000 have sold.

Of more general interest is the world famous book that he took over from the original author, Adlard Coles. This is called Heavy Weather Sailing, and is now in its seventh edition, the most recent four editions having been written by Peter Bruce. The last edition was translated into eight different languages.

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Solent Hazards & Secrets

The famous established work of reference for the Solent by Peter Bruce, first published in 1985, and now in the sixth edition.The new enlarged book again gives pilotage data for the avoidance of the Solent perils accompanied by aerial photographs taken at extreme low water spring tide that reveal them in a most explicit manner but also gives details of lovely little-known creeks and inlets. The new larger sized edition contains a multitude of gems of Solent lore within its pages, in addition to colour pictures of remarkable and dramatic clarity.

Published in March 2017 with 120 pages and 135 photographs.

Price £16.95

ISBN 978-1-871680-32-4
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Wight Hazards

This is Peter Bruce’s companion edition to Solent Hazards, covering the south sides of the Isle of Wight, and first published in 1987. The detailed information given, such as transits to clear rock ledges and colour aerial photographs, allows racing vessels to be navigated in confidence close to the shore. It also gives details of anchorages and landing places that are likely to be of great value to cruising sailors due to the scarcity of other information.

The A5-sized fourth edition was published in May 2008 and contains 96 pages and 125 photographs.

Price £15.95

ISBN 978-1-871680-51-5
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Inshore Along the Dorset Coast

This book by Peter Bruce is a highly praised mine of local knowledge on the unusual, beautiful and interesting coast between Portland and Christchurch. The book has attracted a string of rave reviews, and both mariners and cliff path walkers have come to adore it.

The A5-sized fourth edition was published in March 2008 with 136 pages and another ‘feast’ of 135 colour photos.

Price £16.95

ISBN 978-1-871680-41-6
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Solent Tidal Streams

This new Solent tidal stream atlas - Solent Tidal Streams - was published in July 2020.

The conveniently sized booklet follows a succession of popular tidal stream atlases created by Peter Bruce since 1993. He has used material from his own records plus information obtained from organisations for scientific research such as the latest data from ABPmer at Southampton. The book’s introduction clarifies every common tidal supposition and may come as a surprise to some. The charts, which relate to six hours before and after High Water Portsmouth, extend from the south west Shingles Buoy in the west, to the Forts in the east and south to Bembridge Ledge. As before, the rate and direction of the stream is for a Portsmouth range equivalent to mean spring tide.

The clear and easy to use booklet uses tough waterproof paper and is very reasonably priced.

Price £9.95

ISBN 978-1-871680-62-1
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Tidal Streams Between Portland Bill and St. Alban's Head

Modern technology has brought some new and very accurate tidal stream data to this popular coastline, thanks to HR Wallingford and Amoco, British Gas, BP and Elf. This tidal atlas by Peter Bruce and Gillie Watson is a big improvement on previous information available, particularly close inshore.

The book is printed upon 18 pages of tear resistant polyethylene A5-sized waterproof paper. First published in January 1998, second edition published in Nov 2012.

Price £7.99

ISBN 978-1-871680-171
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Heavy Weather Sailing

The seventh edition of this famous book was published in June 2016. It has long reigned as the ultimate world-wide authority on surviving storms at sea in monohull yachts, multihulls, powerboats and RIBS using accounts of the hard won experience of those who have endured most extreme weather in addition to comment from recognised experts. This well-illustrated edition gives a new and clear message on what features a boat should have, what preparations are necessary and what tactics to employ to cope with the most severe conditions that Mother Nature can ever unleash.

Published in June 2016 with 320 pages.

Price £35.00

ISBN 978-1-4729-2319-6
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